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Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. installs most manufacturers’ products for your roof. We can help you make an informed decision on which products will suit your roofing needs. Workmanship warranties depend on the type of roofing installed.  Your warranty information will be listed on your proposal or contract.  Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is best to obtain a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty prior to having your roof completed to ensure that you are aware of any necessary requirements to keep the warranty in force. Some considerations in warranties would be length of warranty, transferability, product proration, and what is covered and not covered by the warranty, to name a few. Manufacturers’ warranties cover defects in the roofing product. Your roofing contractor covers the warranty for workmanship. If you have questions, call us and we will try to answer your questions, and if we are not able, we will direct you to someone who can.

Most Manufacturers' Warranties Do Not Cover

  • Natural disasters and acts of God (lightning, hurricanes, wind storms, tornadoes, hail, earthquakes, fire, sinkholes)
  • Acts of negligence, abuse or misuse, accidents, vandalism
  • Damage by structural failure, settlement; movement; distortion; warping; or buckling or cracking of roof deck, walls or foundation
  • Failure of material and / or metal work not supplied by the manufacturer issuing the warranty
  • Changes, repairs, or alterations to the roof or installation of equipment, fixtures, or utilities on or through roof after application
  • Defects in, failure or improper application of roof insulation, roof deck, or any other underlying surface of material used as a base over which the roofing is applied
  • Inadequate attic ventilation
  • Traffic or storage of materials on roof
  • Improper storage of roofing materials
  • Damage resulting from lack of positive, proper, or adequate drainage
  • Negligence or failure of owner to use reasonable care in maintenance of roof or failure to follow manufacturer’s maintenance specifications
  • Discoloration caused by algae, fungi, or environmental soot, unless otherwise specified
  • Repairs performed or materials furnished by others unless specifically authorized and approved by manufacturer; unauthorized repairs
  • Fire
  • Any cost incurred for repair or replacement not authorized by manufacturer
  • Contaminants that have not been approved first or accepted by the manufacturer; exposure to or contact with damaging or deteriorating substances or agents
  • Defects or failure caused by misapplication of materials or by application not in strict adherence with manufacturer’s specifications, application instructions, and approved practices
  • Application of roofing materials directly to insulation or an insulating deck without manufacturer’s prior approval
  • Application of cleaning solutions, paint or coatings
  • Infiltration of condensation of moisture in or through underlying area; vapor condensation beneath the roof
  • Damages caused by falling objects
  • Damage to the roofing materials due to any cause other than manufacturing defects; acts of parties other than manufacturer
  • Appearance problems related to multiple-layer installation, application over old roofing
  • Conditions or use or circumstances beyond manufacturer’s control

Workmanship Warranties From Contractors

Analyze all warranties offered by your contractor. Roofing contractors will generally give you a written warranty against improper installations of roof products or other failures. These can range from one to five years, and some may go as long as 10 years. During this warranty period, the contractor will repair any portions of the roof that develop problems due to workmanship failures. This warranty can be voided, however, by actions such as repeated foot traffic on the roof, repairs made by someone other than the original contractor, Acts of God, as well as the above exclusions by the manufacturer.
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