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Durable Metal Roofing Options for Your Property

There are many types, colors and styles of metal roofs. They have a long life span and are fire safe. Metal roof warranties range from 20 to 45 years. If you live near salt water, stainless steel or aluminum roofs are preferable. Other metals may corrode from the salt air. It is best to obtain the metal roof warranty prior to signing a contract to see if there are any necessary maintenance requirements in order to keep the warranty in force. You can obtain brochures from your roofing contractor or go online to help choose styles and colors.

The Advantages of Having a Metal Roof

  • Very resistant to hail damage
  • Resistant to winds up to 120 miles an hour
  • Fire-safe materials
  • Good thermal reflection properties
  • Reduces heating costs in the winter
  • Reduces cooling costs in the summer
  • Can reduce your homeowner's insurance premiums
  • Warranties that last 20 to 45 years
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