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Shingle Roof Services

There are many types, colors, styles and weights of shingles with warranties ranging from 25-50 years and that will withstand wind up to 130 mph. Ask about the different types of shingles that would be best suited for your home and area. You can obtain brochures from your roofing contractor or go online to help choose styles and colors.

Learn More About Shingles and Underlayments

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material for homes in Florida. They consist of three different materials, a base material of organic felt or glass fiber for strength, a surfacing material made of a mineral granule to protect against impact and ultraviolet damage while also providing fire resistance, and asphalt to serve as a bonding agent for all the components. When installed, these shingle components are applied to an underlayment of asphalt-saturated felts for extra protection for your roof.

We use Peal n' Stick underlayments for most of our roofing jobs. It is a modified peel and stick product that seals around all penetrations on your roof, sticking directly to the roof deck. Insurance companies consider it as a secondary water barrier, which may save you money on your insurance premiums. This is a highly recommended underlayment for homes and businesses in hurricane-prone areas.
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