Tiled roofing services

Durable Tile Roofs

Tile for your roof comes in clay and concrete, and a variety of styles, finishes and colors. Tile warranties range up to 50 years. You can obtain brochures from your roofing contractor or go online to help choose styles and colors.

Learn More About Tile Roofing

Concrete tiles are created from cement, sand, and water, which is poured into molds and left to cure until the desired strength is reached. On the other hand, clay roof tiles are produced by clay being molded and then baked.

Concrete or cement roof tiles are very durable, fire rated, and have high solar reflectance. A tile roof installation can reduce the amount of heat penetrating the conditioned space versus direct-to-deck installation by 50 percent and reduce energy consumption by 22 percent. All these facts depend on the manufacturer and the profile of tile installed. Check with roofing contractor or manufacturer for roof tile warranties as they do vary.

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